The "EASTN-DC Ride" or "Touring" consists of transporting the cultural objects produced in and by EASTN-DC and their creators (artists, researchers, engineers, pedagogues) to various European and international venues, during major events aimed at current or future audiences of digital art.

Each partner of the EASTN-DC project commits to opening at least one event to which it will invite the rest of the consortium. For the time being, the program of the project envisages that at least 16 places will be invested, and that on each of these places, a minimum of 4 partners will be transported.

The Touring activity is divided

into three actions :

  • the "Disseminate" action,

  • the "Inseminate" action,

  • the "Harvest" action.


The "Disseminate" action will consist in disseminating the cultural objects produced, existing or being created, through exhibitions and concerts.

Performances, exhibitions, concerts...


The "Inseminate" action will consist in transmitting knowledge and know-how related to digital knowledge, technologies and uses for creation, through practical courses, seminars and workshops.

Courses, seminars, workshops...


The "Harvest" action will propose debates, surveys, harvests and analyzes on the scientific, technological, artistic and societal state of the art on the deep issues of digital arts and technology. The harvest will focus on the "three hot issues for digital creation", as identified here.

Debates, surveys...

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EASTN-DC brings together 16 partners, including 13 from 10 European countries, and 3 from countries outside Europe.


​ 2018 

June : Manchester (UK)

​Nov. : Romans sur Isère (FR)


Feb. : Belo Horizonte (BR)

Mar. : Stanford (US)

May : Copenhague (DK)

Oct. : Grenoble (FR)

Nov. : Stockholm (SE)


Feb. : Cuneo (IT)

May : Lisbone (PT)

Aug. : Ljubjana (SI)

Nov. : Karlsruhe (DE)


Jan. : Montreal (CA)

Mar. : Cardiff (UK)

May : Corfu (GR)

Sep. : Bruxelles (BE)




25-30 JUNE 2018

A week of concerts, presentations and interactive sessions exploring digital creativity with the NOVARS Research Centre (MUSIC) at the University of Manchester.



OCTOBER 20th-NOVEMBER 20th 2018

A month of meetings, workshops, creation, expo, performances and concerts in Romans sur Isère (France) . A deep dive into the world of digital music.



Queens Festival


May 13th-16th, 2019

The Queens Festival takes place in Copenhagen from the 12th to 16th of May 2019 at Aalborg University Copenhagen. The festival celebrates everything that EASTN-DC is about: art, science, technology, and digital creativity with workshops, art installations, concerts, and theatrical performances.